Greetings from la Costa Blanca, Spain, best know as the “hidden treasure” of the Mediterranean Sea.

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We  specialize in  La Costa Blanca area,  we work with New Developers and represent great places and homes, considering general info, such as:  

LOCATION: distances are just 10 to 20 minutes’ drive from Alicante/Elche International Airport, 20 minutes from golden sand beaches (Los Arenales del Sol), about 5 hours by highways from main cities such as Madrid, Malaga, Seville and Barcelona, and just 1 ½ from Valencia.

The offer for a variety of services is really attractive, shopping centers, private hospital (IMED), private and public schools, supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, pharmacies, and much more.

CLIMATE: knows as the Florida of the Mediterranean, the climate is sunny and warm  temperatures throughout the whole year.

GASTRONOMY: The gastronomy of Spain as rich and diverse as the country itself, displaying quality ingredients, an excellence in cooking a sensible old traditions, Good and Healthy food style is one of the best reasons to live in Spain. 

QUALITY AND COST OF LIVING: remarkably affordable, if compared, for example, with large cities such as Barcelona, Seville or Madrid, where the standard of living is 31% higher in consumer prices.

Leaving aside rent or mortgage payments, also depending on your lifestyle, a couple could easily live on a less than a 30.000€ / year, and still eat our regularly, and travel on vacation within Spain to many places.

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