Invest in Alicante

Spain’s Golden Visa Program: A Smart Investment in the Costa Blanca

Are you looking to invest in real estate abroad? If so, Spain's golden visa program may be the perfect opportunity for you. This program, which was introduced in 2013, grants residency to non-European Union citizens who make a significant investment in the country. One popular option for investors is to purchase real estate, and the Costa Blanca region in Alicante has emerged as a top destination for this...

This are the 10 reasons that help you understand and lower the risks of investing in La Costa Blanca

Enjoy a clear and simple home-buying experience 1. Quality of Life / Safe environment / Strong Economy Spain regularly tops the lists for increased property values in European countries. Along with the fact that you will be living in a safe environment that has a strong economy, this should be reason enough to consider buying property in Spain.  The new construction market is beginning to show a...

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