This are the 10 reasons that help you understand and lower the risks of investing in La Costa Blanca

Enjoy a clear and simple home-buying experience

1. Quality of Life / Safe environment / Strong Economy

Spain regularly tops the lists for increased property values in European countries. Along with the fact that you will be living in a safe environment that has a strong economy, this should be reason enough to consider buying property in Spain.

 The new construction market is beginning to show a certain upward trend.

  • Quietness 24 hours a day.
  • Close to everything but away from the noise.
  • Beach on the horizon. We have homes that are next door, overlooking the sea, and others that are a few minutes away, but the sand and the coast are part of us and our way of understanding life.
  • Welcoming environment. Even if you live in a housing development or a residential area, you will be less than 15 minutes away from town centres. Most of them are charming coastal towns that preserve their traditions and customs.
  • Authentic Spanish lifestyle and traditions

We want you to be comfortable, which is why you need to be certain about where you want to live. Your choice of purchase is important.

2. Cost of Living:

La Costa Blanca is significantly more affordable compared to large cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Marbella, Valencia or Malaga, for example, where the standard of living is at least 31% higher in terms of consumer prices.

Although not everything is significantly cheaper in Spain, buying a Property on the Costa Blanca is definitely much less expensive than in most Northern European countries, and the quality of life is incomparable

Leaving aside rent or mortgage payments, and depending on their lifestyle, a couple could easily live on a less than €30,000 / year, still eat our regularly, and take holidays to different places in Spain.

3. Cuisine

Spanish cuisine is as rich and diverse as the country itself, using quality ingredients and remaining true to its traditional origins.

Good, healthy food is one of the best reasons for living in Spain

The amazing food that you’ll discover in Spain is a large part of why the people of Spain are, in general, healthier than in many other parts of the world. Rich in high-quality fruit and vegetables, oils and fish, most people remark on the fact that the food here is eaten seasonally, which means it’s far fresher than in other countries.

The Costa Blanca is an ideal place not only for culture lovers, but also for food lovers. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, the best wine and olive oil seem to be ideal ingredients for a healthy life. The Costa Blanca offers an excellent range of tapas that come with your drinks, so you can discover different varieties of beverages, and the tapas concept means you can enjoy food all day long with family and friends. You may not be familiar with Spanish cuisine, but rest assured, it is some of the best food in the world: chorizo sausage, delicious Serrano ham, endless fresh fruits and vegetables, not to mention countless varieties of exquisite local beers and wines.

A glass of wine costs €2.50 on average, and a 3-course meal including a glass of wine or beer, around €14 p/p.

4. Weather:

This one is obvious! But the weather is amazing. With an average of 320 days of sunshine here on the coast, and average temperatures of 16-18ºC during winter and 30-31ºC during summer, this has to be high on the list of reasons to move here. Do we have to say more?

Yes, the Costa Blanca has a terrific & pleasant climate

5. Beautiful Blue Flag Beaches:

The cost of property on the Costa Blanca is lower than in the Balearic Islands. There are many small bays in the northern area, which are the places tourists dream of. If you want to diversify your investment options, the Costa Blanca has great potential to make your dreams come true!

The warmest sea on the entire Spanish coastline, which encourages many people to take a dip even in winter and to enjoy water activities all year around.

A huge variety of beaches for all tastes: a lot of Blue Flag beaches with the quality of their services and facilities, wide, sweeping beeches of fine, white sand, crystal-clear waters, secluded bays, pebbled shores, mountains, cliffs.

But what better place to enjoy the sun than on a beach? With more than 218 km of beaches and small coves, Alicante is the Spanish province with the highest number of blue flags, an idyllic spot where you can enjoy a relaxing walk on the sand, a refreshing swim in the sea or a fun water activity.

6. Location:

The Costa Blanca is a unique place where peace and quiet is combined in an emotion that conveys beauty and the feeling of a place to turn your everyday life into an unforgettable memory.

This beautiful coastline, with amazing white-sanded beaches, which have been awarded the Blue Flag thanks to the quality of their exceptional, crystal-clear waters, is a 200-kilometre stretch on the Mediterranean Sea, well known mainly for its weather, natural landscape, and small villages dotted along the coast. It runs from the town of Denia, to Pilar de la Horadada.

Affordable flights, easy travel, and proximity are just a few of the main reasons.

The main airports in the Province are Alicante International Airport, which is around 20 – 30 minutes from most of our properties, and

Airports: Alicante (20-minute drive) and Valencia Int´l Airport (1 ½ hours)

You can travel from Alicante International Airport to:

Ibiza                                (15 min flight)

Palma de Mallorca            (35 min flight)

Barcelona                        (45 min flight)

Santiago de Compostela


Côte d’Azure

Or you can drive to

 Valencia:     169 km or 1.5-hour drive (Las fallas de Valencia)

 Madrid:       400 km or 5-hour drive

 Seville:         600 km or 6-hour drive

 Merida, and so on

Furthermore, the coastal towns are charming and preserve their traditions and customs (Altea, Calpe. Villa Joyosa, Alfaz del Pi, Denia, Javea, Guardamar del Segura, Santa Pola).

In-land towns: Monforte del Cid, Aspe, Monovar, Hondon de las Nieves, as well as Campos de Criptana, San Juan de Alcázar, Consuegra, Mota el Cuervo, villages of the Ruta del Quijote.

We help you through the entire process of buying your home, and provide you with direct and reliable assistance in the following areas:

  1. Legal advice and counselling
  2. Opening a bank account
  3. NIE (tax ID number for foreigners) and processing of visa application (Golden Visa)
  4. Post-sale services: contracting of utilities such as electricity, water, gas, internet, etc.

7. Healthier Lifestyle

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the area has one of the healthiest climates in the world. This is partly because of the heat but also thanks to the two large salt lakes at Torrevieja that release, among others, iodine, salt and minerals into the air which, together with the dry air, is really beneficial for everyone with arthritis, asthma, allergies as well as respiratory and skin diseases.

Healthy Mediterranean Diet + Great Climate + Outdoor activities

8. People – History & Culture

When living in Spain, you will have lots of history and culture around you, and old historical towns or old castles are often only a short drive away. There will be plenty of options for weekend trips. 

People in Spain are known for their friendliness and hospitality, so if you make an effort, getting settled here should be relatively simple. At the same time, there are lots of expats in Spain, so you can maintain a balance and prevent yourself from feeling homesick. 

However, the best things in life are free, and money cannot buy the cultural and historical wealth that Spain has to offer. Each different region of the country has its own identity and specific traditions, which are best reflected in local festivities or week-long gatherings. In addition to the famous tomato-throwing festival (the Tomatino party) and the bull running in Pamplona, there are other celebrations such as the Cherry Blossom Festival in Valle De Jerte, or the Carnival Parade in Tenerife. 

9. Golden Visa

Golden Visa is a residence visa for the purchase of property in Spain.

The value of the property must be €500,000 or more (VAT (10%) + Notary + Land Registry fees are not included in the investment of €500,000).

It offers the possibility for non-residents of the European Union to enjoy the benefits of free movement between Member Countries granted by the Schengen Agreement.

Spain is “the place to invest” in property

Every member of the family may apply, and applications are easily accepted

Best of all, it will take just 1 to 2 months to obtain a following approval by the Government

Do you want more information?

We work with one of the best lawyers in the area, and we only refer professionals who you can trust.

10. Financing for Non-Residents

If you are interested in buying a property on the Costa Blanca, you can obtain financing for up to 50% of the project cost. Although prices increase every year, they are not expensive compared to other parts of Spain. You will be able to purchase a property without any issues. Even for luxury villas or apartments on the Costa Blanca, the cost you pay will be far less than the prices in other prime locations. Find a reliable and trusted estate agency at your location.

Investing in new developments also offers you excellent payment terms. Reservation fees are only €6000. When construction begins, 40% of the property price is paid and the remaining 60% balance is only due on completion 6-18 months later. Many investors take advantage of the attractive mortgage rates available on the Costa Blanca, in the knowledge that their investment will grow

Bank Guarantee: Payments in advance will be secured with an insurance guarantee issued by the bank. This means that the money is secured in a bank account until developer hands over the keys to the owners

With each payment, you will receive the corresponding invoice and, once the purchase is complete, all the advice you need to carry out the relevant procedures and pay taxes (each payment is taxed at 10%, which the builder pays on your behalf)

Furthermore, off-plan properties are delivered with a 10-year guarantee on construction from the developer.

Payments in advance will be secured with an insurance guarantee.

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